Originating in little Rhode Island and currently located in Missouri, Tails&Snouts had a very simply beginning, as most small businesses do. In the beginning the knitting was intended as a stress relief and a way to pass the time between classes. But as the knitted items began to pile up it became apparent that something must be done. There simply weren't enough young family members or friends with young children to give to. So the inspiration to start up a shop occurred, leading to the creation of Tails&Snouts in 2010.

As Tails&Snouts began to grow so did the ideas for new items. From knitting to sewing, from spinning to dyeing the skills and crafts began to grow. With each new item planting a new creative tree. And so each item was created out of enjoyment. That is the most accurate fact about Tails&Snouts, that all items are created out of enjoyment and passion. Each being completely unique and a mystery till completed, even to me, the crafter. And that is what Tails&Snouts can guarantee, the excitement and happiness that I put into every item for you to cherish and enjoy.

I hope that you enjoy the creations of Tails&Snouts and thanks for stopping by.

Elizabeth of Tails&Snouts